Wednesday, September 25, 2013

BOXER OF THE MONTH: Alvaro Roman Flores

Each month we will highlight the achievements of one of our young athletes. 

For our first installment, we're chatting with Alvaro "Chiquito" Roman Flores, featherweight, who just won the Title Tournament of Champions.

Q: How did you get into boxing?

A: I used to fight in school. I came here from Puebla when I was twelve, and I got picked on a lot, because I was short and didn't speak the language. My first gym was K-2 Boxing.

Q: What do you love about boxing?

A:  You can hit somebody and not get in trouble. And when you box, it doesn't matter how bad you did or how good you did, you still get respect.

Q: You've won two tournaments in a row. Suddenly you made a huge leap up in performance. How did that happen?

A: It was working with Sosa.

Q: What did Sosa teach you?

A: He tries to always make me a better boxer. He said my combinations were perfect, but I just needed to move my head more after I punch.

Q: What gives you your punching power?

A: I was born with it. It's a gift.

Q: Are you religious?

A: I believe in God. I don't go to church very often though. But I pray.

Q: Do you like school?

A: Not very much. But I want to graduate to make my mother proud and make her think that she did a good job at raising me.

Q: What else do you love besides boxing? 

A: My family. Here and back in Mexico.

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