Saturday, October 5, 2013

Africa and Harley Win Big, Brenda Makes National Debut

Here is Harley Mederos, a friend of Cops and Kids, who brought home the belt last night in the 119lb, 13-14 yr-old division.

"Harley has been winning everything this year," says Big Edgar. "Ringside, Title, now the PALs."

Harley doesn't worry too much about style but just comes to fight; proof that aggressiveness is rewarded in this new pro-style scoring system.

Africa made good on his prediction that he would win the whole tournament. He boxed sharply in a close match with a strong puncher. As always, the jab was key.

"That was war," he said.

Taking home the silver were Shu Shu, Edgar, and Brenda. This was Brenda's first national tournament.

She fought a tough girl named Katrina from the University of San Francisco team. Although Katrina had only been boxing for a year, she was already 5-2.

The University of San Francisco team maintains a team GPA of 3.8! Some day I would like to be able to say that about us.

Here is Brenda in the corner with her father Benny, who was recently promoted to 3-star status, making him eligible to work the corners in international competitions.

Benny attributed Brenda's loss to lack of preparation: "You gotta train to do this s**t. You can't half step."

He also disapproved of her cute blue hair, but it is the professional opinion of this blog that Benny shouldn't go around criticizing other people's hair.

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