Monday, October 7, 2013

Atlas Cops and Kids Takes Best Team Trophy at PALs

On the final night of competition in Oxnard, Christina Cruz outboxed Jamie Mitchell, but the judges didn't see it that way. It was tough luck for Christina, who boxed with exceptional skill and aggression and deserved the win.

Earl "Flash" Newman is the moral center of our team, and he uplifted us all with his skillful win in the heavyweight division.

Big Black ran into a tough, much bigger man in the Army's Stephen Shaw. He and Christina will both get a shot at revenge at the Nationals this January.

And how could I have forgotten Peewee? Jordan Rodriguez pointed out that I neglected to write about his gutsy semifinal showdown with David Carlton of Cincinnati. Peewee had Carlton staggering by the final round, but the judges somehow saw it the other way. Great Atlas Cops and Kids debut for Peewee, who is has a heavyweight heart in a flyweight body.

At the end, no bad decisions could ruin the fact that we were the best team in the country. Maybe it's because we have the best trainers.

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