Monday, June 23, 2014

A Thug's Warning

"Writing comes from pain," says Eric, a police officer in the 67th precinct.

A native of Homestead, Florida, Eric was a high school football player and wrestler, ranked as high as third in the state, until a knee injury sidelined him. He worked as a corrections officer in juvenile justice before joining the NYPD. After he gets off patrol, he comes to Flatbush Gardens to train alongside our youth. We love having him in our boxing family.

"If it wasn't for wrestling and football, I could have been in the drug game," says Eric.

"If you have something proactive to do, it keeps you off the streets. The summer's coming. School's over. The more kids in the gym, that's less people I have to run after during the day."

A Thug's Warning

To you young thugs
You dumb thugs
This poem is for you
A warning to rise up
From that which consumes you

You conjure ideas
In a paradox way
Your dexterity with money
Will assure you're affluent one day

But at what risk and what cost are you willing to pay?
The police are out to get you,
Give you years and send you away
The drug dealers are out to shoot you
And send you to your grave

Your neurotic need for money
Will slap you in your face
You comprise many hustles,
Which is the safest way?

Decipher your clouded life
And make a choice today
Reluctance will only hinder you
There's no need to hesitate

Treachery, torture and anguish
Are what thugs must embrace
An incalculable amount of pain
While living the thuggish way

I live my life vehemently,
Happy and worry-free each day

True happiness begins
When you denounce
Your thuggish ways.

The Man in Me

No father at home, I grew up alone
struggling to find the man in me. I'm torn
between choices, good and evil voices
coaching and telling me which me to be.

I have the thugs on the streets, selling
drugs, getting cheese, flashing their money
and tempting me. But a voice says to me don't
be fooled by the green, go to school child and
read. Watch the thugs envy thee.

It's my choice so I have no remorse for the 
voice that loses to the voice I choose, I'm
just happy I found the man in me. Now I take
to the street this man I came to be, you 
could either love me or let me be... the man in

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