Monday, June 9, 2014

Fossil Heart

Elijah, 17, is an honors student at Academy for Young Writers in East New York. He is a talented track athlete who just took up boxing and already shows great promise. Elijah wrote this rap for his father Jahmien, who was shot to death by police when Elijah was seven.

"Writing poems relaxes my mind, lets me explore, and helps me to not feel trapped," Elijah says.

Fossil Heart

Heart beating I could feel it in my chest
cause I’ve been having nightmares waking up in
cold sweats, things been getting out of order
Where do I start? suffering from broken Hearts
and a pinch of paranoia
Drop tears for my brothers that done died
arose from the jungle struggling to stay alive
Tryna make this rap work so I can get up out the ville
only nine years left we gone make it pass 25
yo Ima ride
you put my family together but made my momma lose it
so when I see you brother its gone be a horror movie
See I was only a toddler I couldn’t sleep at night
now I got em going stupid like retarded groupies.
you took my father away you a loser brother
you took one of mines now I got a group of brothers
because of you I’ve been living with a bad temper
It’s on sight when I see you Ima need some
I had to rap like that to shine like this through all
the broads I hit and the bars I spit
it couldn’t equal to all the tears for the father I miss
I got some anger bottled up
so I got my bottles up
and I drunk my life away like a Jew would do in
Heart trapped up in a fossil so I’m crying by
a large amount
Drinking all this liquor
Just drinking till I’m throwing up
but you know it’s love when you was alive
this was your dream now it’s mines
so I’m doing it for the both of us.

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